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H2 Engineering has just delivered a couple of its modular integrated garages to Warfield Homes park home

Posted: Friday 16 December 2011

Using the latest in design and manufacturing technology, H2 Engineering has evolved garage building away from traditional concrete construction, to create some of the most advanced modular domestic buildings on the market, transported completely finished from the company’s production facility to site. The modular garage incorporates maximum strength and minimum, weight with various exterior finishes to choose from. Whether it is Canexel, stucco, spar or nap, the exterior walls of each garage is finished to integrate exactly to the customer’s Park Home, or their specific requests.

Unlike a traditional concrete, a modular garage can be relocated to another site with ease, when you decide to move home, or resell, plus they are designed to last a long while and retain their price.

The company’s garages, which meet all Building Control and fire regulations, are primarily built from mild steel galvanised box section, silica based board and cladding, eliminating the problems prevalent with concrete built garages such as rising damp, dry rot and leaks. The 40mm high density fire-resistant Aerobord polystyrene walls are more thermally efficient, making it an extremely energy efficient building, as well as being one third lighter than a traditional concrete garage. The standard H2 modular garage leaves the factory with an electric socket, flourescent light and fuse box with no need for an electrician on site to do a first or second fix. H2’s installers do it all!

H2 Engineering’s Sales Director Eamon Hagan saids, "The traditional concrete panel garage has been surpassed by new materials and smarter design techniques. All of our Modular Garages come with a 10 year structural guarantee, which means that they remain free of damp and leaks, a problem most concrete garages are plagued with. In addition, keen production processes at the factory means that all garages are priced within the budget of most park home owners."

Speaking about the delivery of H2 garages to his park, Christopher Smith of Warfield Homes explained, "It was amazing to see the garages fully operational within 2 hours of arriving on site. The first time I saw the modular integrated garages was at The World of Park and Leisure Homes Show, Stoneleigh. After studying the new innovation of complete offsite modular garages, I was convinced of its commercial potential. We have 500 pitches at Warfield and we plan to build on our stock of garages over the next 12 months."

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