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Facts About The Modular Garage The Benefits To You
Modular Garages come in external finishes: Dash, Nap, Brick and Stone
  • Modular Garages integrate with existing homes
The Modular Garage is modular and is delivered complete to the site
  • The installation crew can install the Modular Garage in a day or less
  • The Modular Garage can be erected in "hard to get to" places
  • There are no wet trades or joiners or  electricians on site at any time
  • Unlike the traditional block-built garage, the Modular Garage can be relocated with ease in the future
The Modular Garage is one-third lighter than a traditionally block-built or concrete garage
  • Money is saved not having to build strong foundations
The building is made of a mild steel frame designed from over 5 years of experience testing
  • The garage has a better structural integrity than a traditional building
  • It also has higher levels of air tightness and draughts
The walls are composed of steel cladding, plywood lining and 40mm high density, fire resistant Aerobord polystyrene
  • The garage is more thermally efficient than timber
  • The walls retain the heat in the garage making it a more energy efficient building thereby reducing CO2 emissions
  • The building complies with the Montreal
    and Kyoto Protocols
  • There are no harmful fibres and the wall are resistant to mould forming
  • The building has more acoustic control than a timber framed building
The roof is composed of a tile effect cladding
  • It has a long life durability, without loss of performance
  • The risk of mould build up is eliminated, reducing maintenance
The doors and window are double glazed with uPVC
  • There is maximum heat retention in the garage
Exterior and interior finishes are completed at the factory
  • There are no “wet trades” used on site and so there is no risk of damage to you driveway or garden
The interior walls are plywood
  • Shelves can be easily erected using self-tapping wood screws.  There is no drilling or masonry plugs required
Spring-loaded tension roller door with PVC coating are installed
  • The doors have been tested for extreme weather conditions and requires no painting or maintenance
The Modular Garages come in 3 width sizes: 10 ft, 12 ft and 14 ft and in 3 lengths: 12 ft, 14 ft and 16 ft.
  • The Modular Garage can be supplied to suit most applications
The garage comes complete with fascia, soffits, gutters and downpipes all made with uPVC and aluminium
  • The facia and guttering requires no painting and is maintenance free
Modular Garages have an enclosed dropped ceiling at the eave height
  • This allows for extra storage above head height
All Modular Garages come with the option of motorised electric shutter door; glass inside door; various external finishes; extra electric and lighting points.
  • The garage can be fully customisable to your needs
Each modular garage is supplied with an electric socket; flourescent light and metre box
  • No electrician required on site to do a first or second fix

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