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Structural Steel Buildings ยป Flashings

We manufacture all flashings in our purpose built premises. We stock most standard flashings and can make all types of flashings on request.

Flashings are made from the same material as our cladding and are available in all popular colours.

We can also lockform flashings for interlocking in to each other. This lockform is also used to take away the sharp edge of a flashing. A lockform also provides extra strength.

We stock all necessary fixings including tech screws, stitchers, nails, colour coded caps etc.

Standard Door Canopy
Standard Door Canopy - 4" x 4" x 4"

Standard Ridge
Standard Ridge - 8"x 8"
Ridge flashing is folded to suit the pitch of the customers roof

Standard Barge or Corner
Standard Barge or Corner
6" x 6"

Standard Drip Rail
Standard Drip Rail - 60mm x 40mm x 20mm x 20mm

Standard Gutter
Standard Gutter

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