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Modular Garages - frequently asked questions

What is a Modular Integrated Garage?

The Modular Integrated Garage is a light weight, robust garage using the latest in technological design to incorporate, optimum strength, minimum weight & maximum Integration.

Will the garage match my house?

When the Modular Garages built and installed it will look as if it has been built at the same time as your house.

Unlike other buildings, the exterior walls have the same appearance as your house. The Modular Garages can be supplied to suit most applications and the garage can be fully customisable to the customers needs.

How Long will the garage last?

The garage has a long life durability without loss of performance

Is the garage easily installed?

Yes, the Modular Garages is easily installed. The installation crew will install the garage in a day or less, with no wet trades, joiners or electricians on site, therefore reducing damage to your driveway and garden.The garage can be installed in 'hard to get places' and delays due to bad weather or labour shortages are avoided.

How long does it take to build the garage?

From the order is placed to the installation of the garage it will take approximately 6 weeks. This gives the customer enough time to prepare and set the concrete base.

Can the garage be relocated?

Yes, unlike traditional block-built buildings, the Modular Garages building can be relocated with ease in the future.

Who will install the building?

The Modular Garages will be delivered to site completed. The garage will be installed by our installation crew.

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