Steel Cladding - frequently asked questions

What is the coverage of your sheets?

All our profiled sheeting covers 1m. Corrugated and Box Profile (32/1000) have the same coverage.

What is the maximum and minimum sheet length?

There is no minimum sheet length and maximum sheet length is approximately 12m.

I do not need a lot of sheets. Is there a minimum order?

No there is no minimum order. We will be able to tie the order in with others.

I thought sheets should be fixed through the raised profile. Is this not the case?

Box-Profile sheets are fixed through the low part of the profile with a washered tech screw. Corrugated is generally nailed or screwed through the raised profile but can be fixed through the lower profile also. The rubber washer on the screws provides a water tight seal.

Do you offer any product to combat condensation?

Yes. We offer non-drip sheeting. This sheeting has a non-woven fleece on the reverse side which absorbs condensation and stops it dripping. The fleece can absorb up to 1 litre of water per square metre. Non-drip is generally only installed on the roof but can be installed on wall sheets if required. The fleece does have a small insulation factor but its main purpose is to stop dripping.

What is the turnaround time on orders?

Generally orders are turned round in 3 to 5 days but this can vary in some circumstances.

What colours are available?

We have a wide range of colours in stock. Cladding colours available.

Are there different gauges of sheeting?

Yes. Sheeting can range from 0.5mm (lightest) to 0.7mm (heaviest).

What are flashings?

Flashings are the trimmings that are installed after a building has been sheeted. These are available in the same colour range as sheeting. Flashing colours available..

Are there standard flashings?

Yes there are standard flashings. Click here to see the standard flashings we offer. At H2 we can also manufacture custom flashings to suit the customer.

Are there different finishes in your sheeting?

Yes. The two main finishes are Polyester (Painted) and Plastisol (Plastic Coated).

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