Steel Cladding

H2 Engineering Steel Cladding - Video Demo

Technical Specifications
Our cladding is known as 32/1000 mm box profile cladding. The 32mm being the depth of the profile, and the 1000mm being the coverage of the sheet.

We are manufacturers of box profile cladding. The cladding is a high quality, plastisol coated, galvanised steel sheet which is rollformed into our unique profile. There is no standard length of sheet so you can have your sheets cut specifically to the length required. We stock a wide selection of colours including Vandyke Brown, Black, Juniper Green, White, Goosewing Grey and Mushroom.

25 Year Guarantee
Steel Cladding 25 Year GuaranteeOur cladding is of such a good quality that it comes with a 25 year guarantee. On the roof of our buildings we can install a non-drip cladding. This is basically cladding with felt compressed onto the back of it which totally eliminates condensation and so you don't get any drips of water on the inside of your building.

Non-Drip Cladding
We offer a non-drip cladding. This is basically our standard sheet only with a fleece on the underside. This fleece absorbs any moisture/condensation and prevents it from dripping. By using this on a roof you can keep the interior of the building dry.

We also provide Skylights (Clear Plastic Sheets) which are of the same profile as our cladding. This means they can be used easily in conjunction with our sheets of cladding. Skylights are used where it is necessary to have natural light in a building and can be installed in the roof or walls.

Flashings / Fixings
We also manufacture our own flashings. We can create custom made flashings to whatever length the customer requires. The flashings are made from plastisol coated steel sheets, this being the same high quality material we use for our cladding.

32mm Box Profile Cladding

32mm Box Profile Cladding

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